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OPSWAT’s streamlined Market Share Report provides monthly updates on the market share of leading anti-malware vendors and products. This report focuses on...
Product Announcements
13 Dec 2018

MetaDefender Kiosk 4.2.10 Release

Product Overview OPSWAT MetaDefender Kiosk is a checkpoint for detecting and stopping security threats before they enter an isolated network. The Kiosk can be...
Kiosk & USB Security
7 Dec 2018

Protecting Critical Networks: Power Grid

A recent article talks about the continued targeting of the U.S. power grid by Russia-linked hacking groups, specifically by “TEMP.Isotope.” While the U.S...
A recent article describes the alarming cyber security issues faced by today’s maritime industry. It is entirely feasible for a hacker to break into a...
Kiosk & USB Security
7 Dec 2018

NERC CIP and Transient Cyber Asset Protection

In today’s world it is essential for all organizations to have strong cyber security policies, and especially for those that are considered a part of the...
Product Announcements
7 Dec 2018

MetaDefender v4.13.2 Release

Product Overview OPSWAT MetaDefender protects your organization by preventing advanced cyber security threats on multiple data channels. MetaDefender...
Technology Partnerships
28 Nov 2018

Inquest: The Malware Magnifying Glass

OPSWAT and InQuest partnered to provide a joint solution that identifies malware using multiscanning technology and sanitizes the infected files. The...
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