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CEO's Blog
20 May 2015

The Changing Face of IT Security

As the IT security landscape continues to grow and change, Benny Czarny, CEO and Founder of OPSWAT, shares his thoughts on the current state of the industry,...
Email Threat Prevention
6 May 2015

LCI Uses Metadefender Core to Detect Threats

Leader Communications Incorporated (LCI), based in Oklahoma City, provides telecommunications, engineering support, information technology, and management...
Email Threat Prevention
30 Apr 2015

OPSWAT Targeted with Advanced Spear Phishing Attack

Whether we like it or not, spear phishing attacks are on the rise and are becoming more sophisticated. Thanks to social engineering, hackers have been able to...
Recent articles about the Dridex botnet and the Adnel and Tarbir malware have reported a resurgence in malware embedded as macros within Microsoft Office...
Advanced Threat Prevention
20 Mar 2015

4 Reasons Data Breaches Are on the Rise

Last week the CyberEdge group released the 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report that surveyed 800 IT Security professionals on cybersecurity matters. The report...

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