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Email Threat Prevention
17 Dec 2020

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security v5.2.0

Product Overview The September release of MetaDefender Email Gateway Security added several advanced gateway-technologies, enabling the solution to provide up...
Product Announcements
16 Dec 2020

MetaDefender Drive v3.7.0 Release

MetaDefender Drive is a durable USB drive that creates a portable perimeter in any location where maintaining an air-gap is critical. Once plugged into a USB...
Author: Tom MullenA data diode is a hardware cybersecurity solution that ensures unidirectionalinformation transfer between two networks. Data diodes have...
Product Announcements
7 Dec 2020

MetaDefender Core v4.19.2 Release

Product Overview OPSWAT MetaDefender Core protects your organization by preventing advanced cybersecurity threats on multiple data channels. MetaDefender Core...
Product Announcements
7 Dec 2020

Securing USB Portable Media in 2021

Information Technology and Operational Technology (IT/OT) skilled personnel are in high demand. This has made it challenging to hire and retain internal...
In the month of November, 11 products were Gold-certified, and one failed the OACCP manual testing and automated test harness. None of the submitted products...
Advanced Threat Prevention
19 Nov 2020

Emotet – From Banking Trojan to the Largest Botnet

Author: Itay Bochner Summary Emotet’s name has appeared in the news quite often recently after a long period under the radar, especially in the context of...
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