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Technology Partnerships
12 Jul 2019

MetaDefender Cloud Welcomes Comodo

We are delighted to announce that starting today, Comodo is part of the MetaDefender Cloud commercial license package. It is the 18th engine added,...
Product Announcements
11 Jul 2019

OESIS Framework July 10, 2019 Release

Product Overview OESIS Framework is a cross-platform endpoint SDK that enables software engineers and technology vendors to develop products for securing...
Product Announcements
10 Jul 2019

OPSWAT Media Validation Agent

The OPSWAT Media Validation Agent is a lightweight tool that is deployed on Windows endpoints ensuring that no media can be mounted that has not been first...
CTO's Blog
9 Jul 2019

Proactive DLP is Here

DLP which stands for "data loss prevention" or "data leakage prevention" refers to technical solutions and processes employed by organizations to prevent...
Product Announcements
9 Jul 2019

MetaDefender Kiosk v4.3.3 Release

Product Overview MetaDefender Kiosk is a solution that protects organizations by acting as a checkpoint for data on USB drives and other media devices,...
Originally Published: October 4, 2016 Data diodes, or one-way data transfer devices, secure the transfer of data between low and high-security networks. The...
Product Announcements
8 Jul 2019

MetaDefender Core v4.16.0 Release

Product Overview OPSWAT MetaDefender protects your organization by preventing advanced cyber security threats on multiple data channels. MetaDefender...

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