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Product Announcements
20 Jan 2020

MetaAccess v2.5.0 Release

New In This Release Nowadays, each operating system (OS) platform tends provide different features based on its own capabilities. MetaAccess now offers...
Product Announcements
17 Jan 2020

MetaDefender Core v4.17.1 Release

Product Overview OPSWAT MetaDefender protects your organization by preventing advanced cyber security threats on multiple data channels. MetaDefender...
Product Announcements
17 Jan 2020

MetaDefender Kiosk v4.3.9 Release

Product Overview MetaDefender Kiosk is a solution that protects organizations by acting as a checkpoint for data on USB drives and other media devices,...
Product Announcements
16 Jan 2020

MetaDefender Cloud API Deprecation

Last year in April we have announced that MetaDefender Cloud will be deprecating the older API versions [V1, V2, V3]. If your organization is still using one...
Product Announcements
15 Jan 2020

MetaDefender Vault v2.0.0 Release

Product Overview MetaDefender Vault is a cross-domain solution that enables the safe transfer of files into and out of critical and air-gapped networks...
Last quarter our Critical infrastructure channel partners  from all over the world joined us at  our headquarters  for the OPSWAT...
OPSWAT’s streamlined Market Share Report provides monthly updates on the market share of leading anti-malware vendors and products. This report focuses on...
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