OPSWAT partners with Phish.ai

OPSWAT and Phish.ai have partnered to bring the power of anti-phishing backed by AI and computer vision to MetaDefender Cloud. Phish.ai is an anti-phishing platform that scans the web in search of phishing URLs. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that not only does the service identify fake websites, it also identifies the vendor being targeted by the attack. Phishing websites are one of the most common attacks on the internet, used mostly in targeted email campaigns. 

Phish.ai is now one of the vendors that MetaDefender Cloud relies on for IP and URL scanning. Our service performs multiscanning in order to asses IP and URL reputation.

IP and URL scanning is part of Reputation API. See our IP and URL scanning guide for information on how to use this service, or visit our licensing page for more information on Reputation API. 

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