OPSWAT Expands OESIS Framework with Anti-Keylogger and Anti-Screen Capture Modules

The OESIS Framework is a cross-platform, versatile and modular framework that enables software engineers and technology vendors to build advanced endpoint security products. The new modules extend the Framework from five to seven modules, adding capabilities for:

Anti-Keylogger – The module prevents malware and keyloggers from accessing keyboard communications by intercepting and encrypting keystrokes.

Anti-Screen Capture – The module prevents unauthorized or accidental screenshots and recordings by users, VDI, web collaboration tools, and malicious applications.

These two modules expand the current capabilities which include: Vulnerability and Patch Management; Device Compliance; Advanced Malware Detection; AppRemover; Removable Media Protection.

For more information, visit https://www.opswat.com/products/oesis-framework.

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