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Lauren Sporck
Marketing Manager

Lauren leads OPSWAT's digital marketing team, focusing in the areas of marketing operations and demand gen. She also manages OPSWAT's corporate and regional websites. Her marketing background includes social media and content marketing for Urbanspoon. Lauren received her bachelor's degree in Business from the University of Washington.

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11 of the Largest Data Breaches of All Time (Updated)

A few data breaches stand out from the rest as some of the worst data breaches in history. Find out which 11 data breaches have had the most impact.

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Update: Most Destructive Malware of All Time

All malware is inherently dangerous, but there are a few threats that stand out amongst the others when it comes to inflicting damage. We took a look at some of the most destructive malware of all time from traditional viruses, worms and Trojans to increasingly prevalent PUAs such as adware and spyware. This list, while covering most of the all-time worst threats, is not all- inclusive. For example, notable threats are not on this list such as the ILOVEYOU bug, although they also rank as highly destructive. How many of these threats do you remember?

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Three Emerging Cyber Security Trends from NIAS

Last week, we exhibited at the NIAS Cyber Security Symposium in Mons, Belgium. The conference features presentations from security thought leaders, offers networking and exhibition opportunities, cyber workshops and even a hacking contest. NIAS is well known for its partnership with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which was created to help bolster the communication between NATO and the private sector. This partnership helps to more effectively address cyber threats

Re-Blog: Three Questions You Should Ask Security Vendors

Before the 2015 RSA Conference back in April, Rafal Los wrote a piece titled, “Three Questions You Should Ask Security Vendors,” in which he encouraged people to ask security vendors while attending the conference. We know RSA Conference has come and gone but as Black Hat is just around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to answer Rafal’s questions.

White Paper: Reasons for the Popularity of Medical Record TheftFuture post

What is it about the healthcare industry that has captured the cyber criminals' interest in the last few years? Read our white paper for an in-depth look at why medical record data is so valuable, along with solutions for protecting this data. 

Infosecurity Europe Wrap-up: You Asked, We Answered

OPSWAT just finished our first year at Infosecurity Europe and we had a blast. We are giving £1 to ChildLine via the White Hat Foundation for every badge scan collected at our booth, so we would like to thank everyone who made our donation of £319 possible.

Quiz: If You Were a Type of Malware, What Would You Be?

Most of us have taken personality quizzes before, but they usually tell us whether we are an introvert or an extrovert, what our favorite ice cream flavor says about our character, etc. We decided it was high time for the anti-malware community to get in on the fun, so I'm pleased to present OPSWAT's inaugural quiz! If you were a type of malware, what would you be? A sneaky piece of spyware? A bot controlling minions across the globe? Take the quiz below to find out, and tweet us @OPSWAT with your results. 

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RSA Wrap-up: You Asked, We Answered

The OPSWAT team had a lot of fun at this year's RSA Conference meeting with existing partners, learning about new technologies and enjoying great conversation. For the past few years, instead of giving away t-shirts or tchotchkes, we have decided to give a dollar to the Wounded Warrior Project for every badge scan we collect at our booth. We are happy to announce that we donated $533 to the charity this year and thank those that stopped by our booth to help us meet our donation goal!

After the conference ends each year, we like to take a look at some of the trends we noticed at our booth. This year, we noticed that a lot of people that were stopping by our booth were asking similar questions. For those that might not have made it to the event or had all of their questions answered, we have provided detailed responses to 3 of the most popular questions we received below.

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Improving Email Security Practices

We recently completed a survey where IT administrators using Microsoft Exchange Server for small to medium-sized companies were asked various questions pertaining to email security.

After reviewing survey results, we found that malware breaches were quite common among participating companies, and spam and malware were identified as two of the top pain points respondents had with their current email security solution. From our survey, we were able to collect some key statistics on the email security practices of companies and expand on several identified issues.

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Gamers Beware When Downloading Free Mods

It’s a great time to be a gamer in today’s online world with millions of modifications and expansion packs available for numerous multiplayer games such as League of Legends, Warcraft, and Starcraft. However, there is a real risk that downloading an executable from an unreliable source, for example a random user on a gaming forum, could turn your afternoon gaming adventure into a week long effort to remove unwanted applications and malware from your machine.

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