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Blog: Software Development

Metascan Hash Database Offers High Malware Detection Rates and Fast Throughput

OPSWAT’s new Metascan Hash Database for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and IT Administrators provides high malware detection rates, fast throughput and low latency

OPSWAT, provider of solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure, today announced the release of their new Metascan Hash Database, a fast growing collection of millions of scan results from 40+ antivirus engines. Delivered on-premises and updated daily, the Metascan Hash Database enables ISVs and enterprises to integrate fast anti-malware multi-scanning technology into their applications and networks without requiring files to be sent outside of the network, offering improved detection rates, fast throughput and low latency.

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Busted: 3 Myths about Endpoint Visibility

Maintaining endpoint visibility with or without client agents is fundamental to any network or information security architecture, and is an important element in protecting your organization’s intellectual property and bottom line. Unfortunately, there are myths implying that endpoint visibility is both troublesome and risky, even unnecessary or unwanted. Before purchasing an endpoint visibility solution, here are three myths about endpoint visibility and why they don’t apply to OPSWAT Gears.

OPSWAT Announces the Gears Mobile Security App

In the wake of Stagefright 2.0 and the XcodeGhost malware, securing mobile devices is a growing need for consumers, SMB, and Enterprise.

OPSWAT today announced the launch of the Gears mobile app for iPhone® and AndroidTM. The Gears platform already provides enterprise-wide monitoring and management for the security and posture of desktops, laptops, virtual machines and servers. The addition of the mobile app now positions Gears to meet the needs of both consumers who want to improve the health and security of their mobile devices and organizations attempting to provide security and device attestation for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Three Tips for Efficient REST API Usage

REST is a stateless, cacheable client-server communication protocol and stands for Representational State Transfer (ReST). It is an architecture style for designing networked applications that uses simple HTTP requests to make calls between machines. This approach makes it easier to have direct communication between devices, rather than implementing complex mechanisms like COBRA, SOAP or RPC. Applications that are using REST as the standard way to communicate are called RESTful applications. These applications are using HTTP requests to create, read, update and delete data (CRUD operations). 

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Gears Mobile Security App for Android Now in Beta

OPSWAT is thrilled to announce that the beta period has started for the Gears mobile app! Don't know if your mobile devices are secure? Gears takes the guesswork out of mobile security and performance. We give you the tools to assess and manage the security status, health, and privacy of your AndroidTM smartphones and tablets. Try it today! 

Metascan's Customizable Workflows and Easy Package Updates

In this month's Metascan® release, version 3.9.3, we are making it possible to customize and configure different workflow profiles, and have made it easier to download updates for your engines. Both the workflow profiles and the engine updates can now be managed from the Metascan Management Console, which has been made faster and more secure than ever before. Metascan is a powerful, efficient, and agile security tool that can utilize up to 30 of the world's leading antivirus engines through one highly configurable interface. Metascan offers RESTful APIs in order to make it easy for engineers to integrate Metascan with their preexisting security infrastructure. With the addition of configurable workflow profiles, Metascan is more easily integrated with custom archiving, file analysis, or data sanitization procedures. These workflow profiles can be set to establish separate policies for individual employees, guests, or even entire teams or departments, bringing increased flexibility to your Metascan deployment.

How to Receive Update Notifications from NetSuite Using Amazon SNSFuture post

OPSWAT uses NetSuite as its CRM and ERP system. Our engineering team has been integrating with NetSuite through its various APIs, to transfer information in and out of the system. As our product family offering has grown, we have needed to constantly maintain and update this information flow by updating the NetSuite scripts. This process has been prone to human error and very challenging to debug as deep NetSuite knowledge is needed in order to trace down sources of issues. Faced with these issues, our engineering team began looking for a solution to externalize the logic for the routing of information from within the NetSuite scripts. In addition, we wanted to make sure that we had tight coupling between our systems, so that if a particular system is unavailable, we would still be able to update records in NetSuite without compromising data consistency.

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July in Review

We're deep in the heat of summer, and we'll be journeying into the heart of the Nevada desert next week for Black Hat - Las Vegas. It's been a busy month for us with seven product releases, the launch of Metascan for Linux, the addition of audit trail functionality for Policy Patrol Secure File Transfer, and the publication of a new white paper exploring the monetary value of stolen medical records. You can find out more about all of our latest product improvements, research, and upcoming events right here!

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Volunteers From OPSWAT's Romania Office Teach Free Summer Programming Lessons

Volunteers from our office in Timisoara, Romania, have been given the opportunity to teach week-long programming classes to a group of students, ages 12-17 years old, during their summer break. Students attend class for several hours at a non-governmental organization, taught by volunteers from the neighboring IT community. As part of the program, they also get to visit IT offices in the area, which allows them to gain an understanding for what it is like to work in an IT environment. The goal of the free program is to expose the students to programming in Java, Android, HTML and C# among several others languages.


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Major Gears Update: AppRemover, Encryption Controls, NAC for SaaS and More

RSA Conference 2015 is over and we enjoyed seeing many of our users visit us in San Francisco. The weather was great, the traffic was high, and the Giants swept the Dodgers. Overall it was a very successful conference and we got some great questions and ideas from the community. Check out our RSA wrap-up!

While the hubbub of RSAC was going on, our research and development team was hard at work releasing another update for Gears.