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Blog: IT Infrastructure

Why Data Diodes are Essential for Isolated and Classified Networks

Søren Elnegaard Petersen, Key Account Manager at Arbit Security, discusses the essential security components for organizations using isolated or air-gapped networks. Read our guest post from the unidirectional networking experts, and learn how data diodes can improve security and usage of your network.

Video: Getting Started with Metascan and Proxy SGFuture post

Watch this video to setup your advanced multi-scanning solution Metascan with your proxy servers to scan all incoming and outgoing network traffic. Establishing proxy servers are important for high-security organizations seeking to limit openings for malware infection. 

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8 of the Largest Data Breaches of All Time

There have been 5,754 data breaches between November 2005 and November 2015 that have exposed 856,548,312 records. According to their data, there were 783 breaches in 2014, the largest number of data breaches in a single year to date. Data also indicated that 29% of breaches involved hacking incidents in 2014, compared to just 14.1% in 2007. This shows an upward trend in the number of data breaches resulting from an outside cyber attack. Although this data includes a comprehensive list of data breaches, whether large-scale or small, there are a few that stand out from the rest as some of the worst data breaches in history in terms of resulting costs and the number of records compromised. Below is a list of 8 of the worst breaches in history that highlights the cause of the breach and the effects on the public and business sectors. 

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Five Steps to Securing Data Workflows in Your Organization

Every organization has data flowing into and out of the organization. Along with any data comes the risk of malware. To protect against threats, most organizations implement anti-malware solutions at different entry points, such as email, web, and portable media. However instead of tackling each entry point as a separate anti-malware project, organizations should treat secure data workflow as a complete process that addresses data cyber security in the company as a whole. By combining the different elements into one process, organizations obtain a complete overview, decreasing the chance of overlooking things and allowing them to benefit from synergies and increase efficiency.

Infected and Compromised Devices Biggest Fear of IT Security Professionals

Research conducted by OPSWAT, provider of solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure, found that over 80% of IT security professionals cite their biggest fear as infected or compromised devices accessing their data or assets. 42% were also concerned about devices not being encrypted when accessing their data or assets, and a further 35% that the devices had riskware or greyware installed.

The need to have all devices secure was echoed, with 68% of respondents saying that the security of devices or endpoints accessing their networks and resources was more important to them than the security of data entering their organization. 

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Boost your Email Antivirus Protection With A Second Layer of Defense

OPSWAT’s Metascan Mail Agent can enhance your email security gateways and can be integrated with exchange servers. The Mail Agent acts as a SMTP relay between two mail servers, and scans all email attachments that pass through that relay for known and unknown threats with the multi-scanning technology of Metascan®

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Metadefender Supports Customized Authentication

Metadefender 3.2.0, now available in the OPSWAT Portal, supports custom modules for authentication hardware and allows usage of Metascan® workflows by Metadefender. Both the custom modules and integrated workflows will make it easier for administrators to setup Metadefender with their existing security architecture. Read our release announcement to find out more. 

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Metadefender Offers Secure Transfer of Scanned Portable Media Files

​OPSWAT’s portable media security solution Metadefender now offers a secure file transfer add-on to safely move threat-free data from portable devices to high security networks. With the Secure File Transfer add-on, Metadefender can transfer allowed files to a secure portal, eliminating the need to bring removable media such as USBs or DVDs into a secure network, and providing a more complete secure data workflow for high security organizations. Read the full press release here.

New: Manage Multiple Metascan installations with Central Management

Are you a Metascan customer with multiple Metascan installations? Your job just got a whole lot easier with the new Metascan Central Management system. Instead of having to manage each Metascan installation individually, this can now all be done from a single location.

Metascan Hash Database Offers High Malware Detection Rates and Fast Throughput

OPSWAT’s new Metascan Hash Database for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and IT Administrators provides high malware detection rates, fast throughput and low latency

OPSWAT, provider of solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure, today announced the release of their new Metascan Hash Database, a fast growing collection of millions of scan results from 40+ antivirus engines. Delivered on-premises and updated daily, the Metascan Hash Database enables ISVs and enterprises to integrate fast anti-malware multi-scanning technology into their applications and networks without requiring files to be sent outside of the network, offering improved detection rates, fast throughput and low latency.

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