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Blog: Email Threat Prevention

Top 5 Ways to Keep Email Inboxes Secure

Email is the primary vector for targeted cyber attacks. If you have not taken steps to increase your organization's email security, it's time to start!

Important Updates Made to Metadefender.com

We've made some changes to Metadefender.com. Updates include changing the layout for easier navigation and adding new pages that display our threat research.

OPSWAT Enhances Metadefender Email Security with Release of Metadefender Email Security v3.14.0

OPSWAT has announced the release of Metadefender Email Security v3.14.0, which enriches the product's capabilities with a standalone mail agent installer and other new features.

Beware of Email Attachments That Seem Harmless

Malware often enters networks through email attachments, including SVG and LNK files. Content Disarm and Reconstruction (data sanitization) can prevent this.

New Engines Added for Metadefender Core Windows Packages

OPSWAT periodically reviews the engines included in each of the standard Metadefender Core engine packages to determine if we are providing the best combination of engines for our customers. With the recent release of Metadefender Core, we have changed the engines included in each of the standard packages.

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OPSWAT Hosting Cyber Security Seminars in Seoul and TokyoFuture post

We will be hosting two Cyber Security Seminars in Japan and South Korea this month. Both of these events offer a great opportunity to learn about our industry-leading security solutions and to network with OPSWAT, our technology partners, and industry peers. We will be covering a variety of trending security topics including ransomware, email security, data sanitization, and more. 

Streamlined Metadefender Product Family Offers Unmatched Protection

We have been working hard at OPSWAT to prepare a streamlined version of our product line that provides the highest protection and analysis of known and unknown threats. We’re excited to present our technologies as part of a single Metadefender Product Family, supporting our mission to deliver the most robust data security platform

All of our products, with the exception of OESIS, will now fall under the Metadefender Product Family. The Metadefender Product Family includes two major elements, Metadefender Core (utilizing the Metascan® multi-scanning engine) and Metadefender Security Suite. Metadefender Core includes multiple threat detection methods such as data sanitization, archive scanning, file type verification and workflow policies. Metadefender Security Suite offers several modules that enhance existing security solutions. 

Boost your Email Antivirus Protection With A Second Layer of Defense

OPSWAT’s Metascan Mail Agent can enhance your email security gateways and can be integrated with exchange servers. The Mail Agent acts as a SMTP relay between two mail servers, and scans all email attachments that pass through that relay for known and unknown threats with the multi-scanning technology of Metascan®

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OPSWAT Report Reveals Ranking of Top Anti-malware Vendors

OPSWAT today announced the release of their quarterly market share report, which shows the top 12 anti-malware vendors by market share as well as various other user behavior statistics collected from their device security and compliance tool, OPSWAT Gears

Out of the 59 anti-malware vendors analyzed for their November 2015 report, the top three by market share are Microsoft, Avast and Malwarebytes. To see all of the top vendors and their corresponding market share, please view the full report

Metascan 3.9.5 is Now Available Future post

This month’s Metascan® release features bug fixes and API enhancements to help system administrators integrate Metascan with their existing custom solutions. Metascan now offers greater flexibility by allowing system administrators to generate as many API keys as they may need, and has improved the REST APIs associated with the custom workflows (beta) to allow for the retrieval of newly sanitized files.  

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