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Blog: Assessing Device Risk

Update: Most Destructive Malware of All Time

All malware is inherently dangerous, but there are a few threats that stand out amongst the others when it comes to inflicting damage. We took a look at some of the most destructive malware of all time from traditional viruses, worms and Trojans to increasingly prevalent PUAs such as adware and spyware. This list, while covering most of the all-time worst threats, is not all- inclusive. For example, notable threats are not on this list such as the ILOVEYOU bug, although they also rank as highly destructive. How many of these threats do you remember?

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Important Update for Metadefender Endpoint (Gears) Devices Running on Windows

We would like to inform our customers that there is a possibility that some Windows OS computers connected to your Metadefender Endpoint Management cloud account (formerly called Gears) might have a defective Metadefender Endpoint agent that needs to be updated. Symptoms of a defective Metadefender Endpoint agent might include abnormally high CPU usage or disk I/O on the computer, which will result is users experiencing slow response when using the computer (Note that on more powerful computers the performance might be unnoticeable to the end-user). OPSWAT strongly recommends that you review the endpoints on your cloud environment and update any problematic agents as soon as possible.  

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2016 is Here - Are You Set Up for Real Security?

2015 may just go down in history as the year of the hack. 

2015 featured 365 days filled with headlines covering everything from the OPM breach, to Anonymous' latest shenanigans, to mobile vulnerabilities. The breadth and depth of these breaches were both alarming and eye-opening. We saw how an average teenager with basic computer skills can bring down telecom giants and how CCaaS (cyber-crime as a service) has quickly become a booming business. Governments breached other governments and federal agencies had their weaknesses exposed in serious ways. Even gamers and kids weren't safe in 2015. 

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Gears North Carolina Now Available

This month's Gears release contains mostly fixes and enhancements to the Gears Client, with updates to Gears tool tips to help administrators better use all of the available features. You can now download the latest version of OPSWAT Gears. If you would havent already, try the endpoint visibility tool for free on up to twenty-five devices

Gears Enforces OS Versions and Improves NAC for SaaS

With our latest Gears release, code name West Virginia, administrators can now enforce operating system (OS) versions for Windows and Mac devices, and use our improved cookie injection to identify devices through web domains, or SaaS products. 

Event Wrap-up: OPSWAT Cyber Security SeminarFuture post

We just finished a successful event, the OPSWAT Cyber Security Seminar, in Herzliya, Israel. Along with our Israeli partners, eBusiness Design and Bulwarx, we held a half-day seminar to demonstrate the latest features of our technologies and how they can be integrated with other solutions to fit into your data flow and device security needs. 

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New OPSWAT Certifications - November 2015

Are your security products compatible with leading network technology? If you are a vendor or user of security products, having your tool certified by OPSWAT will ensure interoperability with leading networking solutions like Juniper, Cisco, and Citrix.  Submit your product today, or view our certified products list before purchasing a solution. 

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OPSWAT Report Reveals Ranking of Top Anti-malware Vendors

OPSWAT today announced the release of their quarterly market share report, which shows the top 12 anti-malware vendors by market share as well as various other user behavior statistics collected from their device security and compliance tool, OPSWAT Gears

Out of the 59 anti-malware vendors analyzed for their November 2015 report, the top three by market share are Microsoft, Avast and Malwarebytes. To see all of the top vendors and their corresponding market share, please view the full report

Improved Android Onboarding and Firefox Compatibility

In this month’s Gears release, we have made the onboarding process much faster for Android users, enabled cookie injection for Firefox browsers, and made other fixes and enhancements that will make Security Score information more clear. In light of recent Android breaches, we are also announcing our upcoming APK scanning feature!

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Macs Don’t Need Antivirus, Right? Maybe Not Anymore…

Discussions about Mac computers requiring antivirus or anti-malware software are typically quite terse -- most feel that antivirus software for Mac computers isn't necessary, though it's not a bad idea per se. 

Even among professionals in the cyber security industry there is very little use of anti-malware software. I don't have any survey to prove this (nor do I feel the need to even search for one) -- I see it every day working in San Francisco. One of the products I manage, Metadefender Endpoint Management, is designed to monitor endpoint security compliance, especially the presence of antivirus products on workstations. When telling people about the product, they often say, "Oh this is pretty cool and I can definitely use it for my Windows workstations, but I personally have a Mac, I don't really need antivirus right?" My answer used to be a confident, "Not really, especially if you keep your system and software patched. Scan any suspicious downloads and attachments with Metadefender Cloud and you'll probably be fine."

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