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Bryan Vale

Bryan manages the OPSWAT blog, assists with the management of OPSWAT's web presence, and develops OPSWAT marketing collateral. He has over a half-decade of experience writing and editing content for tech companies. Bryan studied at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.

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Can You Spot the Social Engineering Techniques in a Phishing Email?

Even poorly written phishing emails use certain social engineering techniques to get users to download and open malicious attachments.

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6 Potential Security Gaps in File Transfer Process for Critical Infrastructure

Not all critical infrastructure facilities are equipped to stop cyber criminals, who often try to exploit security gaps in the file transfer process.

Police Handing Out Malware-Infected USBs Is Not an Isolated Incident

Taiwanese police accidentally gave out USB drives containing malware as prizes for a security quiz, but the problem of infected USBs extends much further.

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6 Reasons Why Traditional Network Access Control Is Dead

NAC is dead, and a number of developments came together to kill it. Here are 6 reasons why IT administrators should think outside the traditional NAC box.

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How to Integrate Multiple Antivirus APIs

Metadefender antivirus APIs enable highly effective cyber security solutions. Leverage Metadefender CDR and multi-scanning technology via REST APIs.

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7 Essential GDPR Requirements to Know

Starting on May 25th, 2018, all companies that do not comply with the GDPR will be faced with heavy fines. But what is the GDPR?

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FormBook Is the Latest Example of Malware-as-a-Service

FormBook malware is targeting South Korea and the U.S. and spreads via malicious email attachments, including malicious PDF, Word, and archive files.

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Email Inboxes Secure

Email is the primary vector for targeted cyber attacks. If you have not taken steps to increase your organization's email security, it's time to start!

Massive Ransomware Attack Hits Critical Infrastructure Plants and Organizations Worldwide

Yet another large-scale ransomware attack broke out this week. Possibly a variant of Petya ransomware, the malware infected organizations around the world.

No Macros Needed: Zusy Malware Spreads Via Legitimate PowerPoint Feature

A new variant of Zusy spreads via PowerPoint presentations but does not use macros. Find out how data sanitization stops this document-borne malware.

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