Advenica & OPSWAT partner in the Data Diode space

OPSWAT and Advenica have partnered to bring the power of MetaDefender platform to Advenica’s File Security Screener. If application is the backbone of enterprise, content is its lifeblood. Protecting content in secure, isolated networks is an existential imperative, not a choice. This is particularly true when files traverse to and from secure networks. Data Diode vendors like Advenica understand this concept well and their partnership with OPSWAT drastically reduces the available attack surface, thus transforming the operating environment into a high assurance network. OPSWAT MetaDefender offers comprehensive and in-depth content scanning coupled with Content Disarm & Reassembly (CDR) for sanitizing files from unwanted hidden objects and providing a 360-degree file protection without compromising productivity.  

Other benefits of joint solution include- but not limited to: 

  • Malware scanning with more than 30 anti-malware engines with zero-day threat protection
  • Customizable import rules based on the source of the information and the file type
  • Scalable solution with ability to increase the number of connected source networks
  • Content inspection for in-depth for protection against intrusion
  • High performance with single-pass archive extraction and file queue management 

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