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Adam Winn
Senior Product Manager

Adam is the senior product manager for the OPSWAT Gears platform, including the OESIS SDK. His primary goal is to ensure OPSWAT products are meeting the manageability and security needs of its current and future customers. He is an avid researcher and enjoys solving technical challenges.

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Improved Android Onboarding and Firefox Compatibility

In this month’s Gears release, we have made the onboarding process much faster for Android users, enabled cookie injection for Firefox browsers, and made other fixes and enhancements that will make Security Score information more clear. In light of recent Android breaches, we are also announcing our upcoming APK scanning feature!

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Macs Don’t Need Antivirus, Right? Maybe Not Anymore…

Discussions about Mac computers requiring antivirus or anti-malware software are typically quite terse -- most feel that antivirus software for Mac computers isn't necessary, though it's not a bad idea per se. 

Even among professionals in the cyber security industry there is very little use of anti-malware software. I don't have any survey to prove this (nor do I feel the need to even search for one) -- I see it every day working in San Francisco. One of the products I manage, Metadefender Endpoint Management, is designed to monitor endpoint security compliance, especially the presence of antivirus products on workstations. When telling people about the product, they often say, "Oh this is pretty cool and I can definitely use it for my Windows workstations, but I personally have a Mac, I don't really need antivirus right?" My answer used to be a confident, "Not really, especially if you keep your system and software patched. Scan any suspicious downloads and attachments with Metadefender Cloud and you'll probably be fine."

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Gears Open Source Agent for Managing Linux, IoT, and MoreFuture post

Gears can now help monitor and manage all types of devices! Last month we released Gears agents for Linux, Android and iOS. With our latest release we are introducing an open source version of the Linux agent. This new open source Gears agent is designed to compile on most Linux distributions and can certainly be extended to other operating systems as well.

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Gears Release Adds Support for iPhones and iPads

We are proud to announce the release of Gears 'Indiana', which provides support for iOS devices. If you caught our last release announcement, we highlighted many of the new features for our Android app, such as IP reputation scanning, rooted device detection, and a streamlined registration process for management, and we are happy to say that these features are now also available for iOS devices! These new features make OPSWAT Gears a great solution for cross-platform device visibility!

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Linux, Android, Windows, Mac - Gears Does it AllFuture post

OPSWAT is proud to announce that Gears clients are now available for AndroidTM and Linux operating systems! These new clients feature a streamlined registration process and IP reputation scanning options, and position Gears to provide enterprise-wide device visibility to organizations securing an increasingly mobile workforce. Read on for more information on the new clients, and a few other improvements we made along the way!

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Gears Device Grouping and Installed Software Version Reporting

In this month’s Gears release, codenamed Mississippi, we’re making it even easier to manage and monitor diverse groups of endpoints by providing new grouping options and assessment enhancements to the devices and the device log. Read the release, and contact us if you have any questions or would like an advance preview of Gears Mobile and the Linux client. 

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What Can IT Departments Learn From Hacking Team's Leaked Emails?

Among the revelations coming out of the massive data dump from the Hacking Team breach include emails showing that the FBI purchased services and products from Hacking Team for the purpose of identifying Tor users. With customers all across the world, this isn’t surprising that the FBI is among them. 

Apparently a small unit in the FBI purchased Hacking Team's Remote Control System (RCS), otherwise known as Galileo, as a sort of 'backup' for a primary tool. RCS is an impressive ‘tool’ that provides endpoint telemetry and surveillance of encrypted communications as long as it is installed on the target device.

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Gears Automatically Prompts Users to Resolve Issues

We just released a new version of Gears! If you haven't been following our roadmap across America, it isn't too late to get up to speed on all of our new features. In this month's release, code name Tennessee, we sought to empower users to keep their devices compliant with the security policies set by the admin. Compliant devices don’t always stay compliant, and therefore secured endpoints and networks don’t always remain secured. By reducing both the time and effort required to remediate a device, both device users and network administrators can better protect their shared network. 

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New Gears Reporting Enhancements and Removal Features

In this release, we’ve made it easier for our Gears administrators to manage guest devices in their network. Administrators can now integrate Gears with their logging and automation software, as well as their ticketing workflows through our email notification enhancements. If a Gears administrator were to discover a problem with an unmanaged guest device, they can quickly remove the device without waiting for the auto-configurations in Gears to take care of it. 

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How Can Hospitals Protect Their Medical Equipment from Malware?

The challenges in protecting hospitals from cyber attacks are very similar to those faced in ICS and SCADA environments; the equipment used in hospitals is not user-serviceable and therefore often running out-of-date software or firmware. 

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