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OESIS Framework is a cross platform, open development framework that enables software engineers and technology vendors to develop products that detect, classify and manage thousands of third-party software applications. The extensive functionality of this robust framework gives solutions the ability to perform detailed endpoint assessment and management on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.

Extending past the ability to simply detect antivirus and the status of real-time protection, OESIS enables solutions to go beyond the capabilities of WMI to fully assess and manage not just antivirus and firewall applications, but also backup clients, public file sharing, antiphishing, VPN clients, and many other types of endpoint applications. This technology can help network access protection (NAP) providers, including SSL VPN and NAC, implement features for checking endpoint health and compliance.

OPSWAT GEARS | Powered by OESISOESIS is also used to add endpoint assessment and management features to support tools, vulnerability assessment solutions, compliance solutions, managed services, and other types of endpoint health checking technologies. For an example of how OESIS can be used to detect and assess endpoint applications, try out OPSWAT’s free GEARS tool! The free tool provides security professionals with greater visibility into the status of installed security applications. Descriptions of common types of solutions that utilize OESIS are available on the use cases page.

With thousands of applications supported across more than 15 types of applications, OESIS offers unparalleled capabilities for integrating to endpoint security software. To see which applications are able to be detected, assessed and managed by OESIS, view the OESIS Supported Applications Lists, or sign up for a free OPSWAT Portal account to begin looking at documentation and sample code.


OESIS powers solutions from:

Cisco   Juniper   F5   Citrix   Fiberlink

and many others!


OESIS Components:

OESIS Framework consists of software development libraries, source code, and XML files. It provides 4 major components for software management:

  • OESIS Local - libraries that may be embedded in your client to enable the detection, classification and management of endpoint applications
  • OESIS Monitor - a data service that monitors and reports application and definition updates
  • Update Verify - a utility that compares definition data from OESIS Local and OESIS Monitor to ensure that the latest available updates are present on the endpoint
  • AppDocs - a toolkit that graphically instructs end-users on how to properly configure endpoint applications

Please download the OESIS Framework brochure for additional information.


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