OPSWAT Partners

Technology Partners

OPSWAT partners with several software vendors to enhance our value to shared customers by streamlining the integration of our technologies into organizations' workflows.


GFI Sandbox GFI SandBox™ enables cyber-security professionals to test files and URLs for potential threats within a controlled environment so they can deploy and implement appropriate defenses when advanced malware and sophisticated cyber-attacks are discovered. OPSWAT partners with GFI to offer Metascan Online's hash lookup technology to enhance the functionality of the GFI SandBox. Learn about how GFI SandBox complements Metascan in this video with the Account Manager for GFI SandBox, and visit the Metascan product page.  
Attunity Attunity Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a security-centric managed file transfer platform that allows organizations to govern all aspects of A2A, Host, User and Ad-Hoc file transfer processes. Both Ad Hoc and Machine-to-Machine transfers using MFT support Metascan integration to ensure that only clean files are transferred.


If you have a solution that would be a great complement to Metascan or other OPSWAT technologies, please contact us regarding partnering and joint selling opportunities!