OPSWAT Partners

Metascan Engine Suppliers

OPSWAT's Metascan technology provides unique malware detection capabilities to our customers by scanning files with multiple anti-malware engines simultaneously as well as checking the reputation of IP addresses against multiple sources. By partnering with us to include your engine or feed in our solutions, you can gain opportunities to expand your reach into new markets. 

We currently have relationships with vendors from all over the world to include their engines or feeds in Metascan Online, OPSWAT's free online scanning tool, and Metascan, our advanced threat detection and prevention engine. Join the many vendors partnering with OPSWAT by submitting your engine for inclusion in these two solutions. More details regarding these two opportunities are listed below: 

Metascan Online

  • Free online service for scanning files and IP addresses
  • 40+ included engines and IP reputation sources
  • Scan engine partners receive malware samples to help identify potential false negatives and false positives


  • Customer hosted software package in online or offline environments
  • Anywhere from 4-30 embedded scan engines
  • Partners receive royalties from each sale

Malware Sample Sharing Program

Once your scanning engine is included in Metascan Online, you will be eligible to receive virus samples to help your engine discover potential false positives and false negatives. Read more about Metascan Online and the sample sharing program in this document (PDF).

How to submit your engine or feed

In order to have your scan engine added to Metascan Online or Metascan, please send the following information to partners@opswat.com to allow our R&D team to begin integrating your engine:

  • Your SDK (If you do not have an SDK, a CLI may be acceptable)
  • Full license to your engine
  • Completed technical form (Download PDF here)
  • Technical contact for integration questions
  • Any additional instructions

To submit your IP reputation feed, please contact us at partners@opswat.com and provide a link to your feed along with a description of your service.

Once we receive your submission, OPSWAT will evaluate your product offering for inclusion in Metascan Online and will contact you regarding business terms for potential resale as a built-in component of Metascan.