OPSWAT Certification

For Software Vendors

The OPSWAT Certification Program is the industry standard for interoperability certification of endpoint security software applications. The program is designed to enable independent software vendors to ensure the compatibility of their applications with leading technology solutions. OPSWAT Certified products are verified interoperable with solutions from vendors like Juniper, Cisco, Citrix, and many others, allowing your applications to be easily integrated on millions of endpoints.
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OPSWAT Certification is a free program, and submitting products is an easy, development-free process. Become an OPSWAT Certified Partner by submitting and receiving OPSWAT Certification for your products!


Join the many vendors who are participating in the OPSWAT Certification Program!


Why Certification Matters

Your customers use a variety of technology solutions (from Juniper, Cisco and others) that request information from their installed security applications. For a hassle-free experience, customers need your application to be compatible with those technology solutions. Issues customers encounter when trying to connect to their network, when getting remote technical support, or when trying to self-assess the overall health of their computer lead to frustration and calls to your support team.

OPSWAT Certification eliminates these issues and optimizes your customers’ experience by verifying that your application interoperates with the many leading technology solutions that utilize the OESIS Framework. Learn more about industry-wide compatibility and why OPSWAT Certification matters>>

Benefits for Certified partners and products include:

Partner Certified

  • Guaranteed visibility on management consoles providing opportunities for increased usage for millions of end users
  • Reduced support calls from compatibility issues - we verify your product's interoperability so your customers' experience is seamless
  • Ongoing compatibility with more than 50 leading solutions – OPSWAT will work with you before the release of new versions to ensure easy integration and compatibility
  • Promotional opportunities to a large potential customer base
  • Badges to use in your marketing materials and links from our site

Learn more about the application types and requirements for OPSWAT Certification by viewing the certification criteria. Read the certification process to see the simple steps for obtaining OPSWAT Certification.

Please note that being an OPSWAT certified product verifies that the product is compatible with the technology solutions and will be accessible through their management consoles. Certification does not guarantee that your product will be included in the system administrator’s access policy. Receiving OPSWAT Gold certification for your product means that you are committed to providing all of the function calls we request, and your product will not be excluded due to access policy function requirements.


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